Text to Cart FAQs

Do I have to download some sort of app?
No, all you need to do is text your grocery list to The Fresh Grocer text number: 1 (833) 962-3266.

How do I start a list?
Simply text your shopping list to 1 (833) 962-3266. If texting your list¨ separate each item with a comma.

What happens to my existing shopping list in the app?
Both lists are merged and all items will be added to your cart at checkout.

Am I being charged for every text message?
Your phone carrier may charge for texting or texts may be included in your plan. Please check with your carrier.

Are there better deals/sales using Text-to-Cart?
Prices via Text-to-Cart are the same as an online purchase unless otherwise indicated.

Why are the products I’m texting not appearing in the The Fresh Grocer app?
The Text-to-Cart experience is not related to the app and therefore all the items added from both the app and via text will appear in TheFreshGrocer.com cart right before checkout.

Can I just reorder a previous purchase?
Yes. Reordering is simply done by texting the word ‘reorder’

When I reorder, will I see my last purchase via chat or the site?
Your last order purchased will be reordered¨ regardless of where the order was last placed. Of course¨ you will see that itemized shopping list and be able to edit before completing a reorder.

How can I see what’s on my shopping list so far?
By simply texting ‘show list’

Can I build my list along with someone else like a family member or co-worker?
Sure! Simply share you shopping list by texting ‘Share xxx-xxx-xxxx’ and once the sharee accepts the request any products you or the sharee added will be combined to one list which can now be edited by both. A list can be shared with as many contacts as wanted. Sharing may also be done in the disambig page under the ‘Group’ tab

What if I shared my list with the wrong number?
You may unshare any contact by texting ‘Unshare xxx-xxx-xxxx’ or unshare all contacts by texting ‘Unshare all’

What features can be used when texting?
Text ‘Options’ to get a list of all the cool features that can be done while texting your list.

Does this list merge with my existing one the website?
Yes. once you click the “Add to cart” button you are forwarded to your Fresh Grocer cart where all of the products are combined.

How do I know which exact product is being added to my list when I text a generic description like “coffee”?
We try to predict your favorite products based on previous purchases and popular picks¨ however if we made a mistake - there is a “Swap” to quickly see and switch products.

How can I update quantity?
In your cart each product has a quantity button to increase or decrease the quantity in your cart.

How can I remove an item from the list?
Once you reach your cart (after clicking the link in the text message) ¨ your cart can be edited including removing undesired products.

How can I view the changes made by a shared contact?
In your cart there is a ‘Group’ tab that shows which of your contacts have added or edited your list.

Where can I view the products details?
In your cart every product has an arrow which can be opened and to view the product description and ingredients.

Will I have to re-enter my payment information?
If you are already a member you will not need to re-enter any of your personal details..

How much is the handling fee?
There is no additional fee for ordering via text. Valid online ordering fees do apply.

How do I see the pickup hours?
Pick up options can be seen and selected while checking out.